126th UPASI Annual Conference-13th and 14th September 2019

The 126th UPASI Annual Conference was held on 14th September 2019 at UPASI, Coonoor. Prof.Ramesh Chand, Member, National Institution for Transforming India (NITI) Aayog inaugurated the Conference. Preceding the Main Conference there was a full day Session on Commodities on 13th September 2019. In the Technical Session held on the forenoon of 13th September 2019, eminent personalities of different fields made presentations. On the afternoon, representatives of Commodities Board made presentations. UPASI Industrial Exhibition was held on both days which provided a perfect platform to exhibit the technological and scientific advancements in the Plantation Sector.

KPA-UPASI Technical Session


Mr. H.T. Pramod, Chairman, KPA, Mr. A.E. Joseph, President, UPASI and others.

9.15 am. to 9.20. am. : INAUGURATION & LIGHTING OF THE LAMP BY:
Dr. Y.Raghuramulu, Director of Research, Coffee Board.
Mr. A.E. Joseph, President UPASI and Mr. Harish Bijoor, Brand Guru & Founder, Harish Bijoor Consults Inc., Bangalore.

9.20 am. to 9.30 am. : WELCOME BY: Mr. H.T. Pramod, Chairman, KPA.

9. 30am. to 9.40 am. INTRODUCTORY REMARKS & PROGRAMME MODERATION BY: Mr. Jeffry Rebello, Chairman, UPASI Coffee Committee.

9.40 am. to 9.50 am. : ADDRESS BY: Mr. Joseph A.E, President, UPASI.

9.50 am. to 10.15 am. : KEY NOTE ADDRESS BY:
Dr. Y. Raghuramulu, Director of Research, Coffee Board, Bangalore.
On “Latest situation of the Coffee Industry, emerging trends and the

: By Mr. Harish Bijoor, Brand Guru & Founder Harish Bijoor Consults
Inc., Bangalore.
On “Estate Branding, Value Addition and New Marketing Strategies in

10.45 am. to 11.15 am. : Dr. Steve Philips, Global Director, Precision Agriculture International Plant Nutrition Institute, USA
On “Precision Agriculture in Coffee Plantations.”

COFFEE BREAK 11.15 AM to 11.30 AM

11.30 am. to 12.00 Noon : Mr. Subbanna Kannur, General Manager, Au Bon Bon Pain, Bangalore & Vice President, Walmart.
On “Food, Beverages & Retail Opportunities in Coffee.”

12.00 Noon. to 12.30 pm : Mr. Kennath Blades, KJB Agro, Citrus Specialists, Ooty.
On “Income enhancing opportunities in plantations through Citrus and other Food Crops.”

12.30 pm to 12.50 pm : Dr. P.G. Chengappa, Former Vice Chancellor, UAS, National Professor ICAR & RAB, WNRF Member & Board Member, Tata Coffee Ltd.
On “Reflections on Technology & Sustainability in Coffee Production.”

12.50 pm to 01.05 pm : M/s. I.M.T. Technologies Ltd., Pune.

01.05 pm to 01.20 pm : Mr. K.B. Patil, Senior Vice-President, M/s. Jain Irrigation, Jalgaon.
On “More Coffee Per drop with Jain Drip & Jain Tissue Culture Coffee Plants.”

01.20 pm to 01.30 pm : Mr. Sanjeev Kanwar, Managing Director, Yara Fertilizers India Pvt. Ltd.,

LUNCH BREAK 01.30 PM to 02.00 PM

02.00 pm. to 02.30 pm. : Dr. M.N. Venugopal, Former Head, Cardamom Research Centre, Appangala, Kodagu District.
On “High yielding Pepper Varieties, Cultural Practices and Pests & Diseases in Pepper.”

02.30 pm. to 03.00 pm : Dr. N. Surya Prakash, Divisional Head, Plant Breeding and Genetics, Central Coffee Research Institute, Coffee Research Station, Balehonnur, Chikmagalur District.
On “Latest promising varieties, Collaborations with World Coffee Research
& Nestle regarding import of Coffee varieties.”

03.00 pm to 03.30 pm. : Dr. Nirmal Bharadwaj, Chairman, Founder & CEO Resurgent Business Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore.
On “Sustainability of Coffee Plantations.”

3.30 pm to 03.45 pm : Professor K.J. Joseph, Holding the Ministry of Commerce Chair, Centre for Development Studies, Trivandrum,
On “Research study on Adoption Pattern of Chandragiri Variety of Coffee.”

3.45 pm to 04.00 pm : Sri H.S. Dharmaraj, Geetha Estate, Ballupet, Sakleshpur Taluq.
On “Achieving high productivity in Coffee & Pepper. ”

04.00 pm to 04.30 pm : Dr. Sunil Tamgale, Chairman, Scientific Agro Technologies, Bangalore.
On “Post Harvest Management and Value Addition in Pepper.”

04.30 pm to 04.40 pm : VOTE OF THANKS:
By Mr. M.B. Ganapathy, Vice Chairman, KPA.

4.40 pm : C O F F E E

Note: Presentations – The above time includes Question & Answer.

The detailed programme can be downloaded in the below given link.

125th UPASI Annual Conference 2018

The 125th Annual Conference of The United Planters’ Association of Southern India (UPASI) was held on the afternoon of 29th September 2018 at 3.30 PM at UPASI, Glenview, Coonoor, The Nilgiris-643 101, Tamil Nadu.

Mr. Sunny Verghese, Co-founder & CEO, Olam Group, Singapore and Chairman, World Business Council for Sustainable Development was the Chief Guest for the Conference.
As a prelude to the UPASI Annual Conference, a one and half day Conference titled “Winds of Change” was held on 28th September and 29th September (forenoon).
Coinciding the Conference, UPASI Exhibition was held on both days which provided a perfect platform to exhibit the technological and scientific advancements in the Plantation Sector.

Presidential Speech made by Mr.T.Jayaraman can be downloaded vide given below link.

UPASI 125th Year Summit

UPASI has completed its 125 years of its existence. It is an important milestone for any organization. To commemorate it in a befitting manner, a Summit themed “Winds of Change” was held on 28th and 29th September 2018.

Many eminent speakers from Brazil, Germany, Japan, Israel, Singapore and United Kingdom made presentations and shared their experience.

The topics covered in the first two sessions of Summit were ‘Digital Farming Initiatives’; ‘Green and Black Tea Manufacturing-Japanese Way’; ‘Transforming Coffee Business: Post harvest Processing as Game Changer’; ‘Progression of Fertiliser Application’; ‘Drones Revolutionising Agriculture’; ‘Tea Cultivations in Japan’; ‘Mobile and Cloud Data Solution for Farming’; ‘Speciality Retailing’; ‘The Panacea in our plantations – Opportunities for developing Nutraceutical Products from Tea, Cocoa, Coffee and Spices’.

At the third session, there was a presentation on Water Management, followed by a Panel Discussion on Climate Change.

In the valedictory session, keynote address was made by Mr. Sunny Verghese, Co-founder & CEO, Olam Group, Singapore and Chairman, World Business Council for Sustainable Development on ‘Reimagine Global Agriculture: How do we need a growing population sustainably?’. Mr.Santosh Sarangi, Joint Secretary (Plantations), Ministry of Commerce, Govt of India made a special address in the session.

The Winds of Change Summit was attended by large number of domestic and international delegates representing various segments in the Plantation Industry.


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