UPASI Secretariat

The primary role of UPASI is to represent the planters’ /Growers interests in national and international forums. Apart from the representative function, it is engaged in scientific research, economic research, statistical analysis commodity affairs, industrial relations, taxation and finance, land and legal issues, publications, public relations & communications, conferences, seminars and rural development.

Apart from activities on protecting the interests of its constituents, espousing their cause before powers that be and communicating to the members the Government approach in various matters – normal activities which are taken up by all the Commodity Associations – UPASI is also engaged in the following:

  • Preparing action plans for development of the plantation industry.
  • Involving in international negotiations relating to plantation commodities.
  • Interacting with Commodity Boards to orient decisions/action of the Boards to be conducive to the growth of the planting industry.
  • Analysing international trends in the plantation commodities covered by UPASI and suggesting appropriate approach change to the planters.
  • Overseeing/Coordinating the activities of the Tea Research Institute, Advisory Services etc.
  • Implementing the motto of UPASI of “Part of the Community and in Service of the Community”.

Tea Research Institute (TRI)

From a small establishment, TRI, over a period of time, became a full fledged Research Institute, headed by experienced and qualified Research Scientists.

Appreciating the good work of Tea Research Institute, Tamil Nadu Government, allotted 90 acres of land near the Institute for conducting experiments on Tea Cultivation. This was followed by Tea Board obtaining another 90 acres land from the State Government and allotting the same to the Research Institute for experiments.

TRI receives grants from time to time from National Tea Research Foundation, a fund created by Tea Planting Industry under the aegis of Tea Board, and also from Government of India for its various Research activities. However, Tea Planting Industry has been continuing to be major contributor to TRI.


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